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In collaboration with @Brother.Gaia we have produced a scalar charged product to amplify the breath experience!!!

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The frequency breathers are a combination of highly paramagnetic materials, a radionics device, & any frequency of your choice to create an extremely therapeutic breathing session on the goūüĎĀ

They are breathable chembusters brought on by a collaboration between myself and Devon The Black Airbenderūü§Į

When nutrients like oxygen
(Most paramagnetic breathable substance on the planet) is given a structure through frequency, the body is capable of maximum absorption at the cellular level of photons such as infared and UV light, healing frequencies such as the Schumann resonance intervals, and all nutrients while also nullifying all toxins with negative ionization‚ö°

What materials are a part of its construction:
The Nasal Pathwaysūüí®ūüĒä ‚ö°‚ôĺūüĆćūüĆ™ ūüĎÉūüŹĹūüƨūüĎĀ‚ú®
-2 Ra-Mu Cubit Monsoon coils with Herkimer Diamonds pulsed with a frequency generator‚ö°‚ôĺūüĆć
-2 Viking cubit Acu-Vacs ūüĆ™
-Ormus probiotic ceramic filters‚ú® ūü¶†
-tied at the base with a Sacred Continent straight line ‚ėĮÔłŹ

How does it work:
-positive belief and intention enhance the body’s natural flow of scalar energy through the use of the frequency breathers
-signals from the environment and from our negative thoughts are instantly transmuted upon each inhale in the form of frequency charged oxygen for the body to absorb and grow resistant to outside forces without l -This results in the body being fully oxygenated with negative ions, and more absorbent of healing frequencies & photons

-Flow State/Hemispheres Synced
-Higher Resistance to non-native frequencies & manmade pollutants
-Increased blood circulation & oxygenation -Improved immunity
-enhancement Of overall wellbeing
-lowered stress response
-Stronger bones
-Endorphins & Pain relief
-Better sleep and HGH secretion
-More energy/ATP
-Nerve & Tissue Regeneration
-Increased biophoton absorption from food & the Sun
-Increased manifestation power & intuition

no returns once purchased

1 rating
  • Breathers, Breath healing sound library, PEMF pdf

  • Breath Sound Library
  • Breathers, Breath healing sound library, PEMF pdf
  • Breath Sound Library 1000


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