Alchemy Breath Guide Training 2024 (November)

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Embark on a Digital Journey Beyond the Ordinary

Welcome to the digital edition of Alchemy Breathwork's Guide Training. This Nov 2024, immerse yourself in a virtual experience where breathwork transcends traditional practices, offering a holistic pathway to well-being. Our program is designed not just to teach but to integrate breathwork into every facet of life, promoting a lifestyle deeply rooted in health and longevity.

Program Features

- Specialized Focus on Deviated Septum: Unique to our program, we offer dedicated techniques to effectively address deviated septums, demonstrating our commitment to tailored breathwork solutions.

- Emphasis on Parasympathetic Practices: Our curriculum diverges from conventional sympathetic-dominant approaches, focusing on parasympathetic techniques to ensure a balanced, rejuvenating breathwork experience.

- Advanced Scalar Movement and Breath Techniques: Delve into the intricate art of scalar movement, enhancing and harmonizing your energy with transformative practices.

Empowering Tools and Perks for Our Guides:

- Lifetime 30% Discount: As an Alchemy Breathwork Guide, enjoy a lifetime discount on all our products, enhancing your ability to serve your clients with top-tier resources.

- Innovative Learning Tools: Receive a scalar plasma projector and a 528 Hz nose whistle as part of your training kit, blending cutting-edge technology with ancient practices.

- Mastery in Mental Breathwork and Music Creation: Master the art of mental breathwork and learn to craft subliminal breathwork music, enriching your sessions and client experiences.

Digital Learning Advantages:

- Interactive Online Platform: Engage with the training through our high-quality digital platform from anywhere in the world, ensuring no one misses out on this transformative experience.

- Live Q&A and Tailored Responses: Submit your questions throughout the training. We'll address these in weekly videos, providing personalized guidance and support.

- Complimentary Live Breath Dojo Experience: Participate in a 24-hour online Breath Dojo session, offered free as a capstone to your learning experience.

Certification and Continuous Support:

Upon completing the course, receive your certification and become a featured guide on our website. We commit to promoting your journey, supporting your growth with continuous professional opportunities.

Schedule and Accessibility:

- Flexible Online Schedule: Sessions are held live every Monday throughout Nov from 10:00 AM Eastern Time, recorded for those who wish to revisit the training at their convenience.

Scholarship Opportunities:

Video Application Scholarship: Application Process: Submit a video (unlisted on YouTube) explaining why you deserve this scholarship. Creatively share your story, your passion for breathwork, and how you plan to utilize the training. Consent for Usage: By applying, you agree to let us use your video as a testimonial to inspire others.

Loyal Client Scholarship: Available to clients who have engaged in three months of one-on-one sessions, recognizing and rewarding your dedication to personal growth through our programs.

Join Our Revolutionary Movement:

Are you ready to redefine wellness and transform lives, including your own, with groundbreaking breathwork practices? Enroll in our NOV 2024 Breathwork Guide Training for a digital journey that promises not just learning, but a life-changing experience.

For inquiries and registration details, contact us at with the subject 'Guide Training Inquiry'.

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Alchemy Breath Guide Training 2024 (November)

2 ratings