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Alchemy Breath Guide Training 2024 (April)

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Embark on a Journey Beyond the Ordinary

Welcome to Alchemy Breathwork's Guide Training, a revolutionary program set to redefine breathwork. This April 2024, step into a world where breathwork is not just a method but a way of life, rooted in principles that foster longevity and holistic well-being. This isn't just another training program; it's an invitation to become part of a movement, a lifestyle that redefines the art and expression of breathing.

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Focus on Deviated Septum: We are the only breathwork program offering specialized techniques to aid those with deviated septums, a testament to our commitment to addressing real-world needs.
  • Emphasis on Parasympathetic Practices: Contrasting mainstream sympathetic-dominant methods, we prioritize parasympathetic techniques, ensuring a balanced and sustainable approach to breathwork.
  • The Art of Scalar Movement and Breath: Explore the profound and often lost art of scalar movement, a practice that harmonizes and amplifies energy in transformative ways.

Empowering Tools and Perks for Our Guides:

  • Lifetime 30% Discount: As an Alchemy Breathwork Guide, enjoy a lifetime 30% discount on all our products, making it easier to offer quality services to your clients.
  • Innovative Learning Tools: Receive a scalar plasma projector and a 528 Hz nose whistle, integrating advanced technology with traditional breathing practices.
  • Music Creation Skills: Learn how to create subliminal breathwork music, adding depth to your sessions.
  • Mastery in Mental Breathwork: Unlock the potential of mental breathwork, a foundational aspect of our practice.
  • Certification with Continuous Support: Gain your certification and become part of our network. We'll feature you on our website and support your journey with promotional efforts.

A Pledge to Your Growth This one-month immersion is a commitment to your evolution. Join us in this transformative journey—no refunds, only advancement.

Lifetime Affiliate Opportunity As a certified Alchemy Breathwork Guide, you'll have the opportunity to join our affiliate program. This initiative is designed to offer financial sustainability, supporting you as you grow and thrive in your practice.

Legal Assurance At Alchemy Breathwork, under the guidance of Devon Graham, a.k.a. The Black Air Bender, we provide comprehensive training and certification. However, we hold no liability for the actions of our guides post-certification. Each guide is individually responsible for their professional conduct and adherence to legal and ethical standards.

Be Part of a Revolutionary Movement Ready to transform your life and those around you with groundbreaking breathwork practices? Enroll in our April 2024 Breathwork Guide Training and begin a journey that redefines wellness.

What We Offer:

  • Online and In-Person Options: Choose your preferred mode of learning. Join us virtually from anywhere in the world, or opt for the in-person experience in Miami. In person location will be 10 min away from the Miami airport
  • Convenient Schedule: Our classes are designed to fit your lifestyle. For those attending in person, please note that sessions last one to two hours and are held twice a week.

Recorded Sessions: All sessions, online and in-person, will be recorded, ensuring you have access to every moment of learning, regardless of your chosen method of participation.

Timing ⏱️ & Schedule

Our transformative journey will unfold over 8 sessions, held every Monday and Friday throughout April. Each session, lasting 1-2 hours, is scheduled from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Eastern Time (Miami Time), designed to accommodate a global audience as effectively as possible.

Scholarship & How to Apply:

  1. Video Application Scholarship:
    • Application Process: Submit a video (unlisted on YouTube) explaining why you deserve this scholarship. Creatively share your story, your passion for breathwork, and how you plan to utilize the training.
    • Consent for Usage: By applying, you agree to let us use your video as a testimonial to inspire others.
    • Submission: Email us ( ) with the subject scholarship the link to your video. We're looking forward to hearing your unique stories and understanding your drive.
  2. Loyal Client Scholarship:
    • Eligibility: If you've had at least three months of one-on-one sessions with us, you're eligible for special access to the program.
    • Recognition of Commitment: This is our way of acknowledging and rewarding your dedication to personal growth through our one-on-one sessions.Probably the only deviated testimonial on the net healing with breath
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Alchemy Breath Guide Training 2024 (April)

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