Custom Scalar Video Session

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After purchase we set up a call to cater to your needs and build what fits best specifically for you.

This type of session is a bit different from the remote scalar therapy. The main difference is the scalar itself about 6 and counting is recorded while being pumped with millions of frequencies targeting specific needs that fit what YOU want or need. Scalar energy can be transferred through the screen. This session is recorded with your picture on the scalar so you can play it any time you want through a private link and can be downloaded. For example there are specific frequencies that target JABBY (the V) detox. How you would use it is by playing the video in front of you / the specific area you are targeting and just receive. Seriously Check out the testimonials of people with all types of illnesses (slide through the pictures here) Not only can it be used for illness but just overall healing amplifications even if you dont have anything in particular regarding that. You can use it for cramps, DNA amplification, sexual drive, endless use cases.

WATER METHOD with Scalar: You can simply have your scalar session video pointing towards your water and STRUCTURE it. Remember water has memory

Example: lets say you have athletes foot. A scalar remote session prerecorded is being played on the screen for 1 hr targeting athletes foot. You would have the water you want to drink in front of it and it will shift the memory imprinting scalar energy into the water. As you drink it you drink that recorded memory into the water and it targeting your athletes foot.

This same concept can be applied towards any disease or any energetics you want to work on.

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Custom Scalar Video Session

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