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This Fridays event @ Miami art Basel

(VISUALS) Guided Breath Journey water drumming x Bruce Lee x Dolphins

Bruce Lee collab: Crystal Lenses

Elevating Cannabis Rosin with Plasma Technology: The Potential Benefits and Underlying Physics

Q&A: Sync, Transform, Elevate: Harnessing Breath to Connect and Purify

The final event for a long time + new documentary

Crystal Lenses Q&A

Scalar Plasma Projector Testimonial : Cyst + Yeast infection

Scalar Plasma Projector™ for Expectant Parents

Bruce Lee's Philosophy on Breath: A Journey Through a Master's Words + Book Recommendations

New guided breath journey

Discount extended BLACK FRIDAY

The next Sadé ? Close (guided Breath session)

% off everything GOOD ENERGY till Saturday

New Guided Echo Breathing

The only Plasma Experience of Miami Art Basel

Tranquil Power of Plasma: Elevating the Birth Environment

Natural fragrances & The Power of Cognitive Empowerment

Breath Matrix ft Bruce Lee

Scalar Plasma Projecter GIVEAWAY

Get $Rewarded to Share the scalar evolution ⚡️

Generate Water from the air (build it yourself) free

new Breath Matrix: The oracle's enigma

Unveiling the Optimal Sleep Solution: Tensor Copper Nasal Dilators vs. Mouth Tape

Decoding the exhale in breath matrix

Crystal Lenses Review: Rayban Owner Testimonial

Breath Pacts + guided alchemy breathing session

Harnessing the Power of Sound Waves: Why the Home Version Scalar is a Game-Changer

Breath Facts: Exhaling Parasites

Scalar Plasma on wound full explainer

Scalar Plasma for Plants: A Revolutionary Protocol

The 24hr breath experience

Hospital testimony oxygen levels

Mental Breath Programming

the best water you cant find on earth new sun breathing upload

2 new breath journeys : sun breathing upload

Top 2 places to stay if your flying for Sundays event

% off the next event this Sunday

Illuminate Your Vision: Discover the Magic of Gemstone Crystal lenses™ Lenses!

The Dance of Breath and Being: A Meditation in Motion

Cold Plasma and Parasite Elimination: The Science and Protocols

Crystal Lenses ™️ vs Glasses : Magnetism

Crystal Lenses vs Glasses Beyond Just Clarity

The Chlorine Conundrum: Why Scalar Plasma May Be the Future of Dining Clean

Autophagy: Beyond Fasting & The Breath’s Secret Role

The Breath: An Echo of Universal Consciousness

new guided Breath session: Exhaling Plasma auditory focus

Breath Matrix: Celestial Symphony

World’s First & Foremost: Crystal Lenses Confirmed! 🌍✨ From Glass to Pure Gemstone – The Revolution in Optics You Didn’t See Coming.

Emotional Energy centers on the human body

We are creating ripples (watch video here)

Copper Tensor Dilator testimonial

Favorite Frequency Sweeps on Home version Scalar?

Scalar Protocols: The Science Behind Why You're Still Affected by Disharmonious Frequencies, Even in Remote Areas

Scalar Plasma Projector vs Vertigo (with protocols)

Scalar Plasma Projector™ for Pregnant Mothers: A Comprehensive Guide

Breath Tao 7 ft Samuel L Jackson

Electroculture without gatekeeping full dive

Alleviating Swollen Lymph Nodes in Children: A Comprehensive Scalar Plasma Projector™ Guide

Graphene Detoxification: A Comprehensive Guide Using the Scalar Plasma Projector™

THC detox tips for blood testing or any other reason 🤷🏾‍♂️

Scalar Plasma Projectors: The DIY Plasma Water Revolution vs Monoatomic gold toxicity

Al-Jazari: The Forgotten Father of Robotics from the Islamic Golden Age

Cardiac Breathing Session

Nattokinase (Natural compound) and Scalar Plasma Projector™ to Combat the Spike Protein

Revolutionizing Inhalation: Why the Scalar Plasma Projector™ Outperforms Traditional Nebulizers

Triumphing Over metastatic breast cancer. Adversity with Home Version of Scalar

Plasma Treated Seeds increases yield by 75%

Cold Plasma degrades Mycotoxins in grains

Deciphering the Scalar Plasma Projector ™ : Hot vs. Cold Plasma

The Incredible Benefits of Inhaling Plasma: A Comprehensive Exploration

Muscular Dystrophy: Scalar Plasma Projector™ in Focus

Nikola Tesla did not invent the coil: The Faraday and Callan Innovations Tesla Built Upon

Natural Copper Cleaning Protocols for Tensor Dilators:

Electric vs. Dielectric: Debunking the Myth of Our Body’s Electricity

We are not Electric ⚡️: Dielectricity and the Human Body: Breath as the Conductor of Life

Protein Synthesis beyond external sources

Harnessing Scalar Plasma: A Breathwork Revolution for Lung Metastasis

Mouth Breathing & Fasting: An Athlete’s Silent Adversary in the Quest for Optimal Health

Plasma Enhancement: Supercharging Cryotherapy

Decoding the AC Power Myth: Tesla and the Lesser-Known Pioneers

This Sundays event in Miami

Day 14 cardiac Breathing without scalar movement

Emerald vs Amethyst Crystal Lenses ™

Beyond Calories and Protein: Harnessing the Power of the Scalar Plasma Projector™ in Exercise

The manual of Free Energy Devices

The Mind-Blowing Connection Between Ancient Symbols and Scalar Plasma Projectors™ Reclaiming Forgotten Wisdom Through Scalar Technology

Pro Athletes using the Plasma Plasma Projector™

Cardiac Breathing: Magnetizing the Heart's Field

Alchemy Breathwork Breathwork: The Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic Dilemma and The Power of The Integral Way

Pyramid Spotted in Jamaica 🇯🇲

Herbal-Focused Protocol for Cavities using Scalar Plasma Projector™

Rest on your Left side! Here is why

Unlocking The Ancient Secret: The Multifaceted Power of Shilajit

Electro Culture in 1917 ( with details below newspaper)

Sinus Inflammation vs Herbs + Nasal Tensor Dilators 404MHz and Scalar Plasma Projectors

The Mind-Blowing Connection Between Ancient Symbols and Scalar Plasma Projectors™ Reclaiming Forgotten Wisdom Through Scalar Technology

Introducing Payment Plans & International Shipping! 🌍💡 Scalar Plasma Projector ™

Cerebral Palsy and the Promising Role of Scalar Plasma Projectors™

The Organic Paradox: Why Cooking Organic Isn’t Truly Organic and How Scalar Plasma Can Change the Game

30 Days of Cardiac Breathing Schedule

Scalar stickers Antenna and Network Q&A

World’s 1st copper dilators: The Revolutionary Tensor Nasal Dilators

Scalar Sticker testimonial

Scalar Plasma Projector™ Q&A : Pheromones

Alchemy Breathwork Meets Dispenza’s Research: Breathing Life into Meditation’s Power Over Immunity

August 2023 Breath Journey uploads

Alchemy Breathwork: The Game-Changer in Corporate Wellness

Ancient convo with Dr Longo @oldworldflorida

Harnessing Quantum Entanglement: The Yin and Yang of Modern Scalar Technology

Breathing New Life into Maui: Guarding Our Land from Wildfire's Shadow + Land Trust

The Pulse of the Planet: Key Frequencies for Remote Earth Healing

Pre-order for Amethyst / Emerald lenses HEXAGON limited supply! remember we sold out last time

From a 10-foot Fall to Back on Feet: Scalar Projector testimonial

Scalar pics for help:

Scalar pics for help

Help Mitigate Natural Disasters Using Scalar Energy

Home Version Scalar Testimonial

Emerald are finally done ✅ Apologies for the wait 🙌🏾

A Breath Affirmation for Maui, Slovenia and the world 🙏🏾

Urgent: Calling Our London Scalar Projector Family!

Yoga’s Hidden Contradiction: PFAs in Your Pants and the Scalar Way Out

Scalar Remote Healing: How the Pioneering Picture Technique Works

Where do you start?

Does Scalar diminish?

Scalar projector Frequency numbers? Q&A

Scalar + Chinese Medicine

Breathing with Curry: How Basketball, Breathwork, and Brain Science Can Transform Your Game

Breathing in the Future: Plasma Inhalation and Breathwork Alchemy

Scalar Protocol + Essential Oils on Joints

Root Canal Therapy + Scalar Plasma Projector

Slovenia flooding

Citrine & Emerald Shipping Date

Texas in October : VISIBLE Solar Eclipse

Herbs 🌿 you can Grow all year in Water

Q & A : pranayama

Q&A : Hyperventilation

August Events - Miami Florida (limited tickets)

Alchemy Breathwork : Nitric oxide therapy

August's Elemental Symphony in Miami

The Triple Gateway: Your Journey of 3s into Exhale Pressure Breathing™

The Silent Opponent in Sports: Can Breathing Mastery Combat Cardiac Risks?

Harmonic Fusion: Unveiling the Symphony of Subliminal Breathwork Beats

Brain Geometry and Breath: A New Perspective on Cognitive Processes

Astral Exhale: A Symphony of Nasal Breathwork and Mirror Neurons

Illuminating Life with Every Breath

Breath Matrix : the language of the body

Financing now available

Unlocking Timeless Living: Breath Over ⏰ why we don’t count time

Shed Pounds With Your Breath: Unleash the Secret Weapon for Weight Loss

Why I gave up breath holding: Releasing the Hold: The Journey Beyond Breath Retention to Exhale Pressure Breathing™

The Starx 1 amethyst crystal lenses 5 left

Easing Climate Stress: How Alchemy Breathwork Keeps You Cool

Q&A: Uric Acid Juice Fasting/Feasting & breath connection

Breath Matrix : Nexus Reality

cultivate energy myth

Scar plasma projector protocol

A testament

Alchemy Breathwork: tailored exclusively to your needs for a 24hrs

Self - Help

Disease Free but symptom full

Benefits of the left nostril 👃🏾

NY classrooms adding Breathwork requirement

Guided 420 Breath Session

Crystal Lens Scalar giveaway

Defying the Odds: How a Game-Changer Restored Strength Scalar Testimonial

Projector Q&A

Scalar testimonial Embrace the Power of Scalar Units at Home - Your Shield in Unforeseen Circumstances

Tongue 👅 posture

Can’t fully Breathe

Home version testimonial

Real time updates

Asia / Europe Scalar Tour

The Lovetuner: Harmonizing Heart's Radio


symphony of life

Make your own Mouthwash with plasma

Energetic Alchemy

Miami June 25 scalar and breath event

Before clocks 🕰️

Staying cool

Scalar documentary

Enhancing Nasal Dilation Through Alchemy Breathwork

Lower vitality

% off Crystal lenses

Unity in Diversity

Alchemy Breathwork for athletes

Hang this plant 🌱 up in your shower

Limited Discount for Amethyst/ Emerald lenses

Conscious Breaths > deep breaths

Breathing & Biological aging

Tips to stay cool at night

Body indicators

Color blindness Crystal lenses testimony

Limited TIME 3 days prescription Crystal lenses

Crystal Vs Glass: Temperature

Source of crystal lenses???

A functional asset: Amethyst Crystal lenses

More Joy

A Breathful message

Scalar Help : Canada nY Nj upper east coast

Breath Facts of the day

Regular lens vs Crystals

How to make a cloud buster

Scalar plasma vs Brain 🧠 tumors

Scalar Projector: cleaner air

Mix this and turn alkaline

Amethyst Crystal Lens review

Breath Matrix

Kissed by the moon’s pale light

C style Aviators amethyst crystal lens

Watermelon juice 🧃 for summer why?

Mini Recap of the 1st plasma Breathwork event

Self Regulate with science

The deeper your healing

Breath Session of the week

Style #2 Amethyst Crystal lens link

Breath scalar music testimonial

Eye breathing tip + testimonial

Amethyst Crystal lens (style 1) live

Breath Matrix sneak peak

The breath matrix p1

Alchemy Breath experience in Bali October

The best from the past

Breathing vs Alzheimers

Plasma vs heavy metals why you should add plasma to your Electroculture

Poor breathing = low testosterone study

Sold out in 3HRS


Sex & Breath

Creation > Stagnation BREATH HOLDING

Views through amethyst

Citrine Crystal lens Auction

Amethyst Lens on your magnetic field / aura

Plasma vs Forever chemicals

Breath Dojo 8 is live

Mini breath session of the day

Breath Dojo 8 schedule

Breath Dojo 8 invite

Mini Breath session + Q&A

Amethyst Crystal lenses go out this week!

Florida Historic Giants

Earth’s Magnetic field exposed

The Breath Matrix preview

Ancient plasma = less needs

The scalar ark doesn’t have to touch you

New link for May 28th event few tickets left

420 Breath session

The 3 day effect in Nature 🌲

1 Amethyst lens left

Scalar Plasma vs SPIKE PROTEIN

HISTORIC in person event MAY 28th MIAMI

What does Ai think of Scalar Amethyst lenses?

Worlds 1st Amethyst Lenses sneak peak

Scalar & Exercise Q&A

Nikola Tesla: Scalar energy in ancient text

Subject: Discover the Ultimate Solution to Forever Chemicals: Scalar Plasma Technology Unveiled! 💡

Scalar help / assistance

5000 yr old star map

Live guided Mental Breathwork

Scalar Q&A

The candy 🍭 stick causing a lot of deaths

when is it beneficial to put yourself before others? when is it beneficial to put others before yourself?

Scalar & Seizures

Random Breath session of the week

Limited in person spots for August

Breath Tao 6 now streaming

Scalar & Breath Certification

Low voltage = disease

20 benefits of walking 30 min a day

Nothing = Quantum Foam

1 of the easiest ways to fall into rest if you have trouble

Stress from head posture

Did you know? Quartz does this???!!!

Dominican Republic: Alchemy Breath Event

Next wave of Shipping

Sweeping Frequencies vs Standalone

Sexual Arousal

Scalar PEMF

Alchemy Breathwork Scalar Certifications

Increasing Gamma 🧠 brain states at will

Scalar Water 💧 info & testimonial

Random Breath session of the week

Frequency Chart

Flex 💪🏾 Breathing for Sexual Health

Scalar Family testimonial

Scalar Help: Kissimmee 🔥

Patent with electro stimulation for testosterone boost

Harvesting Lightning ⚡️

11AM est alchemy breath session TODAY

One of the best kept secret 🤐

Everyday is Valentines: a Breath poem

Ohio River Scalar Help

Scalar Home version testimonial within 6HRS

Scalar Poison testimonial

The lack of toilets 🚽 back then

Scalar Manual updates

Plasma Projector testimonial

Next online alchemy Breath session

Scalar ancient environment

Spirals of electron density

Scalar simply explained

A key 🔑 reminder when it comes to these beautiful tools

Elhers Syndrome & Scalar testimonial

Why you shouldn’t do this when you wake up

Scalar projector and movement

C.I.A document on Scalar Energy

Get paid to share scalar & Breath

Portable Scalar Testimonial

Brain 🧠 Rhythms and Breath

Scalar Chemtrail testimonial

New Guided Eye Breathing

Tickets are almost gone! Event FEB 12 limited tickets!!

Feels like a spiritual detox

Scalar testimonial: Parasites 🦠

The next Breath Dojo experience

Turning Plastic into FUEL : Breathful Podcast

Create your own PEMF with Scalar

Some usecases for scalar stickers

Breath & Wealth 1 on 1 services

1 on 1 sessions 3 months and beyond comes with free scalar therapy

New pics!!! California Scalar Help

Live Reggae and Breath session

Scalar Car testimonial

The next Reggae & Breath Journey

When exhaling in increments are you using your diaphragm or epiglottis?

Why we use distilled water to structure and make scalar water?

Scalar Progress! California

California progress with Scalar !

Guided inverse Dragon Breathing journey: Violin sound bowls and more

Guided Breath Dojo 7: Sun Breathing

Scalar Cancer testimonial

Join me live

BUJU BANTON New Subliminal Alchemy Breathwork Music 🎵

Online Breath Family Session tmmrw

Scalar water test results aura reading

Scalar research material?

Scalar Brain 🧠 connection

Scalar & Sun Breath journey update

1st ever Reggae Subliminal Breathwork track

Frequency Breathing mini session activate in less than 5 min

Final Hours for 10% OFF everything for the month of December

Alchemy Breathwork App! Coming soon

Mental Breathwork vs Suicide

How to Cleanse the Lungs 🫁

Eye Breathing with Gamma final breath session of the year

going live now


Scalar Bloating Testimonial

Live now Final Breath Family Event invite (Miami time)

Scalar Water 💧 Giveaway

New Subliminal Breathwork music: imperfection

Bre🜁th F🜁cts : fasting and oxygen absorption

Scalar Water 💧 coming soon

Religion & Breathwork Part 2

Scalar Delay shipping

All Breath Journeys are updated

The cells electromagnetic breathing

20% off Natureherself369 & Home Scalars

Orgone Breathing in ancient times

Scalar restructuring water taste test

Scalar home version vs portable

Your Breath holds information

Mental Breathwork update

Scalar Q&A

Mental Breathwork testimonial

Starting your breath journey

Laser Regrowing teeth: we are light beings

FREE ART BASEL alchemy Breathwork EVENT

Scalar Transmitters shipping

Spiritual Bypassing vs Mental Breathwork

Last day 20% off Breathful tools

Scalar Testimonial 20% off deal this week only

Bre🜁th F🜁cts : Vampire Bats Hunt by Sound of Victims' Breath

10 week scalar movement and breath journey

Scalar Session Testimonial

Scalar plasma Projector Shipping Update

Scalar DNA and Hydrogen Bonds

Vortex Bottle

Scalar Travel pack testimonial

Bonus Sun Breathing video has been added

Chasing the future or past

Breathful Podcast Episode 1 ft Melissa Lori

Sun 🌞 Gazing tips

Scalar Consultations available

Scalar Plate with Plasma now available

What’s in a Breath? Now streaming on YouTube

Tips for infrared Red Light Therapy

New Scalar plasma projector + testimonial

Breath Dojo 7 : Frequency Breathing now available

Scalar Mango Experiment + free gift

Breath DOJO 7 @Miami / online AUG 28th

New Epic Subliminal Breathwork Music

Breath DOJO 7 @Miami / online AUG 28th

Scalar Energy

10 week Mental Breathwork Journey testimonial

Breath DOJO 7 @Miami / online

Scalar algorithm of life. Sun 🌞 breathing next week

Breath Dojo feedback

Aussie bioweapon + scalar talk with guests

Get paid sharing breath conscious products

10 week SUN breathing journey starting today!

Scalar vs Forest fires + new scalar business page

Scalar - Quantum Health Benefits + new 7 day experience option

Shout out to Breath Family! + Mental Breathwork testimonial

Biological interactions with Scalar + testimonial

Stanford University research paper on scalar + testimonial

Stanford University research paper on scalar + testimonial